CSA provides several testing options to ensure your batteries perform when needed since batteries are the weakest link in any critical power system. VRLA batteries have a 3–5 year life span. 80% of all UPS failures are caused by batteries. Only one cell has to fail to cause load loss. We offer multiple testing options for battery maintenance on Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) or flooded battery cells.

Our battery replacement services include a comprehensive report outlining the anticipated failures or the evidence of full failures. In addition, full recommendations are also provided to ensure that premature failures are avoided and that the designed life of the battery is expended to its fullest potential.

When your batteries do reach their end of life, we offer a comprehensive replacement program. We supply a direct replacement for your current batteries and we offer many options that will increase reliability, and save costs. We keep most batteries are in stock, so we can support emergency UPS battery replacements around the clock.


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