Your mission-critical equipment is the heart of your production facility/data center’s connection to the outside world. CSA Power can specify, supply and install the specialized power supplies needed to keep this equipment running smoothly. We specialize in servicing DC power plants, including rectifiers, inverters, power boards and battery systems. We can design, install, maintain and repair your DC plant. Our consultation/design team can provide the engineering and installation services required to ensure your power plant is built to your specifications and tailored to deliver optimal performance throughout your required power spectrum.

Don’t leave any aspect of your DC power plant systems to chance, our ability to perform maintenance, troubleshooting and repair procedures will keep your equipment performing at optimum levels. Performing routine maintenance can reveal problem areas that can be fixed before they “drop the load”. Possible failures include loose or overheated connections and components, incorrect settings and bad batteries. CSA Power can “thermal scan” your equipment to identify overheated connections and components. These overheated components and/or connections have the potential to cause fires. A thermal scan can reveal these problem areas before they turn into a major issue.

Batteries are the life-blood of your power system and CSA Power has the expertise to ensure long-life and peak efficiency from these components. Our Field Engineers can make the proper adjustments to your float (FL), equalize (EQ) and high voltage shutdown (HVSD) settings. Improper settings of these adjustments can shorten the life of your batteries and degraded operation.

CSA Power’s Field Engineers posses the knowledge and experience necessary to provide you with the best service available. Our overall knowledge of critical power systems/services allows us to look at the big picture for your organization, and offer solutions that others may not have considered. We service all brands of DC power equipment including Lorain, Reltec, Peco, LaMarche, Ratelco and more.


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