CSA will work directly with your electrical contractor to ensure a smooth integration of the appropriate UPS based on usage requirements and project scope.

We provide a site survey of the installation location to measure loads and proactively help you plan for future loads and redundancy. Our installation team develops a conceptual design that meets the site requirements. This saves you the time and expense of hiring a consultant or engineering firm to develop a project scope for you. For simpler designs, if an engineer is required, we work with our design team to provide you with the drawings required to meet all the local codes. Once a solution is agreed upon, we provide the experienced installation experts to deliver an installation that is professional, on time and to code.


CSA will work with you to analyze the move and create site surveys that detail project requirements. We check all dimensions including weight, size, doorway opening and lift requirements. We make sure that corridors, stairs and floors used to move the equipment are adequate to support the weight and we make sure that the proposed location is within environmental tolerances for the equipment being installed. We also verify that power and distribution subsystems meet specification requirements.

The final step is the re-commissioning and start-up process. Once everything has been re-assembled and properly installed from an electrical & mechanical standpoint, our engineers will test the UPS system in all operational modes. If requested, our technician will provide UPS system training for any new personnel at the relocation site.


CSA provides a fast, efficient and environmentally safe disposal process for outdated UPS equipment. We partner with certified recyclers which are compliant with State & Federal environmental regulation ensures proper disposal of your unwanted UPS hardware & batteries. Whether you require decommissioning with removal & disposal, or just basic removal services, we provide the required level of expertise required to get the job done right.

CSA has the resources and technical expertise to manage any size UPS removal and disposal project. We provide lifts, dolly’s, and hand-trucks to safely remove heavy equipment from your building while placing an emphasis on preventing damage to your premises. To minimize downtime and disruption, we work with you to schedule the project at a time that is flexible to meet your needs.


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