CSA’s Call Center Solutions provide your customers with around the clock support with live and fully trained agents providing immediate responses to questions and dispatching service incidents to the proper field support staff. Our call center agents have all the technology necessary to offer first-level assistance to your customers. You can create a 24/7/365 Call Center that’s available to your customers with a minimum of cost.

There is no need to establish your own staff, buy your own equipment and worry about telephone service reliability. We’ll take care of all that for you. You just need to provide us with the applicable information and the key indicators of situations that call for more in-depth resolution assistance and we take it from there. This enables you to eliminate call center staffing, training and management investments.  We are also transparent to your customers – we are your call center.


  • Live call dispatchers working for your business 24/7/365
  • Forward your calls to the toll-free number we provide you when you need us to answer and un-forward when you don’t
  • Callers are greeted in your company name by a courteous and helpful voice
  • Our call dispatchers can live transfer calls to you or messages can be taken and sent instantly via email or text message
  • With our Remote Technical Support option, calls can be transferred to on-call CSA field service engineers available to provide remote
    support and telephone problem resolution


CSA’s remote technical support engineers have worked with some of the leading technology companies and understands their challenges. They know the technical support environment and how to provide customers with the service they expect.

Our support professionals use ingenuity and resourcefulness to solve complex problems to get your customers problems resolved fast. Our knowledgeable, trained support professionals are dedicated to learning how your products work and function inside and out enabling them to provide quick, thorough assistance to your customers.

CSA offers around the clock tier one and tier two technical support, remote monitoring and problem resolution. We help reduce total-cost-of-ownership for your end customers, by providing comprehensive remote support solutions for complex technical problems.


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