Through initial concept elaboration, design and 2D/3D sketching – we bring innovative ideas and solutions surrounding the use, aesthetics, color and graphics of a product solution designed around your needs and business objectives. We look at volume, cost, utilization and sales expectations to best chart the most suitable manufacturing solution.

Our designs incorporate computer-aided tools to create both real and photo-realistic appearance models for final evaluation. We adopt a common sense approach to designing the user interface by taking into consideration the human factors. This approach results in an intuitive user interface as part of the product that the user will be able to naturally navigate. This, combined with our experience and sketch models, will also optimize the ergonomic design. The end result is an interface that makes the user’s life easier while creating a positive intuitive and meaningful experience.


With CSA, your product is manufactured using an optimized approach, not a one-size-fits-all model. We design customized solutions that have the flexibility to meet your needs. Our proven design, engineering and integrated manufacturing model deliver shorter time to market, reduce risk, lower manufacturing costs, enhanced product quality, reliability and serviceability.

Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 and FDA 13485 certified and monitor all FDA requirements and guidelines. We’ve created continuous improvement communication loop with each of our partners to ensure that the finished products are consistently reliable. The end result is on-time delivery of high quality equipment at an extremely competitive price.


Assembly and staging plays a key role in ensuring a smooth equipment deployment. We’ve developed a strategic assembly and staging process combined with a quality assurance program that comprehensively tests every product before it leaves our facility. Our focus on quality means that every product will be dependable which maximizes the likelihood of a successful deployment, while minimizing delays or distractions to the customer that could occur when managing a large deployment.


Our kitting service offers efficiencies to customers who build in-house or have a manufacturer off-shore. This service is customized to your requirements and is designed to reduce your administration workload, storage space and the cost associated with doing it yourself. One purchase order to obtain an accurately managed Build of Materials (BOM) saves you space, time and money. Our kitting service is an intelligent choice for companies who want to maintain control over their products without the hassle of managing the parts themselves. In addition, it offers the same cost benefits as our assembly services because we maintain the inventory for you until it goes into production.


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